Active projects

LearnPAd (Model-Based Social Learning for Public Administrations, EU-FP7-ICT)
TOPDRIM (Topology driven methods for complex systems, EU-FP7-FET_PROACTIVE)
Reversible Computation (Extending horizons of computing, Action IC1405, EU-COST)
CINA CINA (Compositionality, Interaction, Negotiation, Autonomicity, PRIN)
RITMARE (la Ricerca ITaliana per il MARE, IT-FLAGSHIP)
OCP (Open City Platform, MIUR project)

Past projects

 Choreos (Large Scale Choreographies for Future Internet, EU-FP7-ICT)

   JADE (Investing in Life and Health, EU-FP7-ICT)
  PACO (Performability-Aware Computing: Logics, Models, and Languages, PRIN)
  LITBIO (Laboratory of Interdisciplinary Technologies in Bioinformatics, FIRB)
  AALISABETH (Ambient-Aware LIfeStyle tutor, Aiming at a BETter Health, Regione Marche) 
  PASS (Private Assisted House, Regione Marche)